How it works

   Now, i will give you a few practical tips regarding the proper functioning of these mechanical sculptures:

– To work properly, almost every automaton must stand on a horizontal/flat surface in a vertical position.

– The crank must be turned in the correct direction

– Although they are made from hardwood, most of them contain small and sensitive parts, so they should be treated carefully.

– More than 90% are made of beech wood (the scientific name: Fagus). But also contain metal parts as: nails, metal rods and screws.

– Some of them are painted with water based colors and water based varnish.

– As i already mentioned these sculptures are made from a dense wood, in conclusion, some of them depending on size, can weigh up to 3 Kg.

– Last but not least, a part of them may seem childish, but you do not have to consider them as toys suitable for small children…at least not without direct supervision of an adult.