The Penman

It all started from some old pen nibs that i found on the bottom of a drawer.
First i carved a few wooden feathers, to which anyone can attach very easily pen nibs and use them for drawing or calligraphy. After that, i thought… well, now i have to make some kind of stand for them.
Finally…it took me two weeks to finish this automaton. When i started it had to be just a simple stand for my feathers pens.
The Penmen carries on his head a ”citadel of thoughts” which can also be used as a support for pen nibs, an ink bottle in his chest and a quiver with feathers pens on his back. He is a dreamer but at the same time he has an eye that sees everything.

This automaton is composed from thirty pieces and more than half of them are mobile.
Made from beech wood.
Dimensions: 44X21X15 cm.